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"I am running for Principal Chief to chart a new course for the Cherokee Nation, and some of my major focuses will be increasing transparency within the administration, getting to the bottom of any corruption that has taken place by Cherokee officials, bringing money back to tribal members rather than to outside interests, and always being fully accessible to the citizens of Cherokee Nation.
We measure our tribe off of it's wealth instead of how many people we've helped. We desperately need strong, honest leadership that will take the Nation out of the hands of people who have profited from the Nation to the detriment of the people. We must turn back to a time when Cherokees helped Cherokees, instead of non-Cherokees getting the benefit of our prosperity. My administration will work diligently to bring in a new era of transparency, root out corruption, and give the Nation back to the people."
Restoring Our Cherokee Heritage

Restoring Our Cherokee Heritage

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